Space: Above and Beyond (E01 Pilot)

Space: Above and Beyond (E01 Pilot)

1995 1h 30m

The pilot episode of the short lived Fox television series, “Space: Above and Beyond”.

Shot in Australia with 3D visual effects being produced entirely with LightWave3D (versions 4 – 5) by legendary LightWave3D Visual Effects house, Area 51. The series with all of its VFX for 3D were done using DEC Alpha processor based WinNT based workstations and render nodes in order to keep up with production schedule. While it only ran for 23 episodes including the pilot, it was a massive hit among LightWave3D fans and 3D enthusiasts around the world and certainly now considered a breakthrough series for LightWave3D as it pushed the boundaries of CG graphics on television at the time. It, along with Babylon5, Seaquest:DSV, TekWars, Robocop, The X-Files, Earth: Final Conflict and Viper followed by Star Trek DS9 (which started with practical models before moving to Lightwave3D) and Star Trek Voyage all found themselves on the air at the same time or in very close proximity with each other in terms of air-dates bracketing the year 1995.

Space: Above and Beyond – also played a factor in terms of its visual look influencing shows that would follow, including the hit TV series, FireFly (also airing on Fox only to meet a similar fate of cancellation) and Battlestar Galactica, that would almost a decade later break new ground in terms of what could be done with LightWave3D on TV schedules and budgets for Visual Effects. If you watch carefully at many points in the series, especially in the episode “The Angriest Angel”, the infamous “snap zoom” camera technique is predominant throughout the space combat sequences.

Enjoy this great series! Reboot anyone?

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