Kaze: Ghost Warrior

Kaze: Ghost Warrior

2004 24m

In late 2003 I began production on a experimental short film in hopes of proving that technology had progressed to the point that a small team of dedicated artists could produce an animated film that could stand on its own in terms of visual quality when compared with other animated films of the day.

I had access to two home computers, one artist (myself), and a $5,000 advance from my book publisher that I could eek out to survive on for six months. KAZE: GHOST WARRIOR (2004) is the result. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0415092/ (Chronicled in “CGI Film-making: The Creation of Ghost Warrior” Wordware Publishing, 2004, ISBN: 9781556222276).

Through this experiment, I had hoped to bring power to the artists, to the storytellers; by showing that even if animation was limited, that a moving story could still be told even on a shoestring budget. I wanted to see artists telling _their_ stories; the stories that they, themselves, had always wished to see but that hadn’t yet been made. I can’t say whether any real difference in terms of artist-driven productions was made as a result of this experiment. But I can tell you that I still believe in the beauty and power of the stories it seems nearly every artist harbors deep in their hearts.

And of course… you may be wondering: Why is this Amadhia chick claiming credit for something that has “Timothy Albee” all over in its credits? The answer is a pretty simple one: Up until 2012, my name was “Timothy Albee”. Yep, as strange as it might be, the first half of this life was lived as a male. (See: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amadh… ) I was raised to believe that through hard work over however long it takes, one can be whatever one feels as his/her truth, deep inside one’s heart. Whether that be, being on the animation team at Disney Feature Animation, a published author… or… living one’s life as the gender that one knows one is in one’s soul.

Namaste, ~Amadhia Albee-King

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